“Time, the moon, arguments, and, most of all, coins. All good things are circular.”

― Kiersten White


Circles Network is mainly a publisher.
Established in 2016 with a first, rough version of RockCircle.it, the first editorial project of Circles Network.
We progressively considered a selection of sites, a network that is constantly changing from our point of view.

Circles Network is a Sales House.
Thanks to the strong experience in the digital environment, the company offers sales and tech consulting, IAB standard formats and players and special projects.
We can offer several communication tools starting from the IAB standard and RichMedia formats to the video advertising.

Circles Network is a campaign optimizer.
We can manage every campaign to improve the KPIs performances. We can plan and deliver programmatic campaigns through the most popular platforms.
We are able to provide inventory from a lot of countries all over the world.

Circles Network was born some years ago from the passion.
The passion of the digital world, the passion for technology, passion for advertising, anyway… passion!

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